Human Landscapes


What would earth look like if we were not constantly trying to change it? What if the world had a greater impact on us than we do on it? Would we become one with our environment or would we become obsolete?

Inspired by the View from Here series by visual artist Wanda Koop, Human Landscapes explores how the human form can become one with its surroundings. And in becoming more integrated, does that bring comfort to our body or does it instead create more unease? Through a series of fluid, barren images three dancers try to use their bodies to fill the emptiness. A play on the concept of tableau, but with no one playing the role of the human within the scene.

Human Landscapes was created with the support of Dancers’ Studio West and premiered at the 36th Annual Alberta Dance Festival: Dancing Home – A Celebration of Canadian Artists, September 2017 (Calgary). It has subsequently been presented at Dance Matters, April 2018 (Toronto) and DanceFest at Nextfest curated by Good Woman Dance, June 2019 (Edmonton).

Photo of Roxanne Korpan courtesy of Tim Nguyen and Dancers’ Studio West