Always With Me

DSC_6603Does checking my emails during dinner make me a bad dinner date? Does going on facebook at work make me a bad employee? When everyone wants your time, and they expect immediate responses, where is the line between one’s personal and professional life? Is there even a difference anymore?

Always With Me is a duet by choreographed by Candice Irwin and performed by herself and her work desk. Through conversations with the audience and her inanimate dance partner Irwin exposes the most intimate relationships in her life and wonders if she gives them the full attention they deserve. Part biography, part social commentary, Always With Me, leaves one questioning if the communication tools we have developed in the last century are helping or hindering our ability to connect to one another.

Always With Me premiered in Toronto at Hub14 April 15-16 2016

Photo of Candice Irwin by Omer Yukseker